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Xuan Jing New VR Arcade Opened in Dongguan City

Xuan Jing New VR Arcade Opened in Dongguan City


As one of the most famous VR game machines factory in China, Xuan Jing Digital has helped clients' to set up many VR arcades.

Recently, we help client from Dongguan set up an new VR arcade of 200 square meters.

Clients offered the CAD files of the shop to us. We made whole designs of the shop for him.

Xuan Jing Digital provides one stop solution of designs, vr game machine manufacturing, installation, staff training and operation guidance.

The new VR arcade has over 20 VR simulators such as the egg chair vr, vr skiing simulator, vr horse simulator, 6 seats 9d cinema, vr racing machine, vr shooting game machine, etc.

From the begaining, we finished the design and had contact signed with the clients within one week.

Then we soon finished production of the machine in 15 days. 

Now the machines are all well installed. 

The arcade shop will be opened to Public soon tomorrow.

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