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by:XuanJing     2020-06-17
Wisdom Jobs, a unique product from Wisdom IT Services emerged as a revolutionary 4th generation job portal in India, thus making all the existing old generation job portals of not even near competent to it. Its unique features build the infrastructure and platform to allow jobseekers or recruiters to perform their activities very easily and achieve their goals. Wisdom jobs seek to provide job seekers and recruiters for employment and recruitment with support, assistance and guidance as long as they are associated with Wisdom world. We portray our self as a premium job portal along with knowledge center associated with it to meet all job needs of the companies and established a strong competitive position amidst tough competition in the market. Due to our innovative products like E-university and Pragnya meter, Wisdom jobs evolved as the most preferred and fastest growing job portal for both jobseekers and recruiters. We believe in setting the highest standards in recruiting process, implement best practices and we have no barriers in serving our esteemed clients. Benefits of Wisdom Jobs when compared to other portals All the existing job portals in the market just try to post your resume before an employer, but it is only WisdomJobs which helps you in guiding you with 5P concept 5P Concept: 1st P - Planning: Proper planning is the first step for building a perfect career. Plan the career at your tenth standard as this planning leads to desired goal. Wisdom guides you in a perfect way to choose right career path. 2nd P Preparation: Preparation paves proper path for knowledge. Wisdom provides the course material of the desired skill set; the e-university concept guides you in acquiring knowledge over 6000 skill sets. 3rd P Practicing: Practice is the only way to reach success. Wisdom helps practicing in the form of online exams in interview point of view, again Wisdom e-university helps by providing 50 million interview questions. 4th P Presentation: Proper presentation relocates to success. Wisdom presents the technical ability and caliber in the form of pragnya meter logo along with the profile to premier employers. 5th P Personality: As we believe that success follows eminent personalities, Wisdom presents personality presentation in the form of Spark of corporate, for motivating and inspiring aspirants. It shows one top corporate personality every week. Major Differences Wisdom Jobs and normal Job portals like naukri and monster: WisdomJobs introduced E-university concept, a high techno oriented knowledge acquisition based learning process which no other portal provide. WisdomJobs introduced Pragnya Meter concept by which candidate can take the test in desired skill set and he is graded on his performance and Wisdom adds a logo on his resume before show casing to the employer, which no other portal do. WisdomJobs facilitate the resource to take online tests on any category/sub category of skill set. All these online exams are hassle free. No other portals provide this type of online tests. WisdomJobs publish profiles with the technical ability a resource have. Wisdom conducts multi level screening of the candidates technical ability. This feature is no where seen in any other job portals. The content provided to the resource is categorically molded in such a way that it caters the needs of every resource at different levels starting from grass root level to directorships. This concept of content providing is implemented by only Wisdom and no other job portal. WisdomJobs pioneered the concept of primary education into corporate sector by which the candidates are extremely benefitting in upgrading their technical knowledge. WisdomJobs provides platform for maximum practicing by providing unlimited tests and unlimited questions wherein a candidate have no end in empowering knowledge. Practicing system is not seen in any other job portal. Spark of Corporate an exclusive idea designed by Wisdom is meant for motivating and inspiring aspirants. It shows one top corporate personality every week. This concept is only with Wisdom jobs. WisdomJobs gives very easy navigation steps in all products designed by Wisdom jobs. Whether it is registration process, e-university, Pragnya meter, online exams or for that matter any product, we focus on guiding with easy navigations. WisdomJobs provide help documents for all the products designed. Help is incorporated wherever it is necessary for a candidate. Help documents are designed in such a way that they are understood by all categories of candidates. WisdomJobs made available a live support by using which any candidate can post their queries and get them clarified by Wisdom immediately. This live support can be used 24*7.This service is an uninterrupted one, always ready to serve candidates. WisdomJobs implement a systematic and streamlined methodology in conducting online tests. We are committed to professional code of conduct while screening the candidates. We follow ethical standards and very strict at conducting tests. WisdomJobs provide certifications to the top scorers of the pragnya tests which are exclusive when compared to any other job portal. WisdomJobs provide links to any product directly from the home page and also at every stage of the site. Wherever you feel to take up the product, all direct links are readily available without back navigations.
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