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What are the functions and advantages of the vr fire escape drill system?

What are the functions and advantages of the vr fire escape drill system?


The VR fire escape drill system constructs a fire safety emergency virtual system with functional modules such as information display, fire exhibition hall, fire drill, fire rescue and fire assessment. It also provides free roaming, interactive operations, evacuation, emergency rescue, fire fighting operations, and various information displays.

 We can choose the appropriate scene in the initial interface, such as: shopping malls, schools, homes, subways, etc. Users can make decisions based on different information, so that learners can grasp all kinds of information in time and really feel the fire scene.

The learner chooses the character to enter the virtual fire scene, the role follows and learns the fire expert's correct operation demonstration of the fire equipment and the correct escape behavior, and combines with the theoretical knowledge mastered by the learner to form the reconstruction of knowledge and strengthen the pair. Mastery and understanding of knowledge.

In addition, learners can also perform activities such as fire fighting operations. According to the different fire points, find the fire location and nearby fire facilities, you can get and operate fire equipment in real time, and carry out fire fighting operations with the support of relevant information and supporting equipment. Realistic virtual fire rescue and rescue activities not only enable learners to master the operating techniques and rescue skills of fire fighting equipment, but also psychologically overcome the fear of fire.

In addition, the VR fire escape drill system can also give corresponding analysis according to the learner's operation in the experience process, so that the training can teach students in accordance with their aptitude.

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