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Vr virtual earthquake simulation

Vr virtual earthquake simulation


VR games not only enrich our lives, but now also serve as a cause of safety education, and education is fun to make safety education deep into the community for the benefit of the people. Just bring a VR helmet to experience the realest earthquake simulation scene, and then the various effects of shaking, house collapse, and alarm sounds will make you feel the harm caused by the earthquake, let you realize a "in-person" reality. Earthquake simulations on-site learning opportunities for escape.

In the face of the earthquake, we can only race against time at a critical moment in our lives. If you don't usually study earthquake safety education knowledge and escape skills, the damage caused is absolutely unimaginable. From the current seismic science education, there are still simple pictures and information transmission, irregular lectures and earthquake escape drills. It is really impossible for people to learn the escape skills that can protect themselves, because such propaganda is not objective and unreal.

In this respect, VR virtual reality technology can be applied to earthquake safety education without being affected by time and space. When an earthquake occurs, the earthquake occurs at the scene, and the house is shaken, some buildings collapse, and falling objects fall. Feelings, personally feel the power of the earthquake. Trainees can learn self-help knowledge by immersively observing the safe behavior of virtual personnel on site, and can imitate practice in virtual scenes.

Nowadays, there are more and more high-rise buildings in the city. Once the earthquake strikes, personal safety will be threatened. The government has determined to vigorously develop virtual reality technology. I believe that in the near future, the VR facilities in the society, the VR security education center, and the VR science museum will gradually increase. If you also want to contribute your own efforts to the society, then you still do not join VR, so that VR earthquake safety education is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, everyone can master the skills of earthquake escape. Your "in-person" earthquake simulation site may save us from danger.

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