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Vr security education and VR simulation power security education!

Vr security education and VR simulation power security education!


The development of virtual reality technology not only improves our lives, but also solves problems in many industries. Taking the power industry as an example, the current operation training of high-voltage power equipment is based on physical objects. High pressure will cause certain dangers, and it is impossible to record whether every step of the operator's operation is in compliance with the specifications.

Using VR technology to simulate the real operating environment, safety regulations, emergency drills of the power industry, carry out intelligent simulation training and simulation operations, and improve the effectiveness of emergency drills and safety assurance.

 Using VR technology, it can realize the guidance of the inspection and inspection, automatically identify the target operation equipment, prompt the production operation instructions in a visual way, and intelligently supervise the operator to complete the work according to the procedures and steps.

The VR technology is used to establish the data channel of the virtual world and the real scene, and the scene of the installation of the tower is reproduced. Now, the staff only need to wear a VR virtual helmet and pass pre-job training to eliminate potential safety hazards.

Using VR technology for power safety training is a useful attempt. It can enable ordinary front-line construction personnel to learn and understand safe construction skills more intuitively. "Safety first" needs to increase security investment! ! !

In the past, all trainees passively accepted the initiative to receive VR safety education training, which can greatly reduce the training cost according to this process. Because of the interest experience, I was impressed by the safety incident, so I can keep in mind the safety knowledge and standardize the operation.

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