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Vr safe driving, virtual driving experience!

Vr safe driving, virtual driving experience!


In the virtual simulation driving teaching, the students wear "drink driving simulation glasses" for virtual driving. One of the trainees was very skilled in the operation of the simulated driving. After wearing the "drink driving simulation glasses", he actually drove the "car" to the guardrail. Wearing "VR glasses", the line of sight can't focus, the sense of direction and distance are deviated, the things in front of the eyes are deformed, and the scene of "vehicle" cannot be controlled.

In addition, in the VR virtual drunk driving safety teaching, the experiencer will experience six important factors that affect driving after drinking: 1. Visual impairment: the average person's peripheral horizon can reach 180 degrees under normal conditions, when the alcohol content exceeds 0.08%. The driver's field of vision will shrink and he will not have normal driving ability. 2, exercise reflex nerve slow: Although drunk driving, the driver's reaction is only one or two seconds slow, but if the speed is 60km / h, the vehicle has traveled 16.67 meters in one second, will inevitably have serious consequences. 3, reduced tactile ability: drunk driving, due to the role of alcohol anesthesia, people's hands and feet touch will also be reduced, often unable to properly control the throttle, brakes and steering wheel.

Decrease in judgment and operation ability: After drinking alcohol, the reaction time of people to light and sound stimulation is prolonged, so that the distance and speed cannot be correctly judged. 5, psychological disorders: under the stimulation of alcohol, people sometimes overestimate themselves, ignore the surrounding advice, generate rebellious psychology, and thus lead to security incidents. 6. Fatigue: After drinking, 80% of people are prone to drowsiness and dozing, which is caused by fatigue driving such as irregular driving and poor spatial vision.

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