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Vr earthquake rescue drill and future development trend of seismic science

Vr earthquake rescue drill and future development trend of seismic science


When it comes to earthquakes, people who have never experienced it are always difficult to imagine that it is a feeling. As a natural phenomenon, the most striking feature of an earthquake is its sudden and enormous destructive power. So, when the earthquake suddenly arrives, how should VR technology be rescued? How to save yourself?

Virtual Earthquake Rescue exercises allow us to know how to take self-help measures. Let us know that the best escape time after the earthquake is within 12 seconds, which is what we often call the earthquake 12 seconds self-help opportunity. If you can't escape to a safe area within 12 seconds, the consequences will be unimaginable. The virtual earthquake rescue drill can achieve a "real scene" combined with the action taken within 12 seconds of the earthquake to let you master a more scientific self-help method.

At the juncture of life, we can only race against time. From the current traditional seismic science education, we usually use photo exhibitions, lectures, training drills, etc., but there are still insufficient intuition and unreality. . In the event of an earthquake, people's instinctive reactions often depend on habits. Therefore, it is more important to analyze the specific behaviors of people in the face of earthquakes through virtual reality technology. The scientific education method of virtual earthquake rescue drills will also be more conducive to earthquake rescue drills.

In view of the current weak knowledge of earthquake science, more publicity of virtual reality technology in major campuses and communities across the country will be the trend of future earthquake science knowledge education.

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