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Vr anti-drug machine - zero distance contact virtual anti-drug scene!

Vr anti-drug machine - zero distance contact virtual anti-drug scene!


Everyone knows the dangers of drugs to individuals, but do you really know drugs? Do you know the type of drugs? Do you really understand drugs? I believe that many people are ignorant. How do drugs harm us? Now is the most crucial part of the anti-drug science. If you understand it, you will be able to defeat and reject drugs. The popularity of the virtual machine has given VR anti-drug science solution, simple and cost-effective vr anti-drug experience, allowing you to carry out drug simulation and profound understanding of the dangers of drug use, and then stay away from drugs. Although combined with the new technology of VR, it has a brand new experience.

The emergence of VR glasses has greatly satisfied the user's desire to explore the virtual world, but the purpose of anti-drug VR glasses is to let everyone feel the real adverse drug reactions in the virtual. This set of equipment is not only VR glasses, but also equipped with headphones and pulsating electric shocks. The glasses will play the picture and feel the vertigo feeling after taking drugs. At this time, the pulsating electric shock device will make the arm numb, and there is a feeling of being bitten. Will cause uncontrolled convulsions of the body. After the experience, people said that they were dizzy and had obvious discomfort.

The VR (Virtual Reality) Drug Addiction Assessment System is a new detoxification method based on existing detoxification methods, using VR (Virtual Reality) imaging technology and ECG monitoring technology, to combat the drug craving for methamphetamine drug addicts. method.

Using the immersive experience unique to virtual reality technology, the audio-visual content of the psychological intervention logic is played in the virtual reality environment, in order to effectively counter the conditioned reflex induced by new drugs such as methamphetamine, and to alleviate the psychological cravings of drug addicts. VR (Virtual Reality) is a strong Chen mirror effect, which can improve the sensory experience of drug addicts and strengthen the aversion of drug abusers to drugs, thus achieving the goal of eliminating drug addiction. Drugs can't be touched. It's like a computer hacker. Once you get into your brain, there is only one purpose - to control your thinking, to transform the brain you originally dominated into the territory it controls.

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