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Vr aerospace science, immersive experience in space

Vr aerospace science, immersive experience in space


Aerospace science has a great effect on the progress of human society. It does not create wealth for the lives of ordinary people, not for it today. The VR Aerospace Science and Technology aims to let more people understand aviation technology and love aviation. According to the aerospace scene made by virtual technology, you can watch several aspects such as satellite, manned space flight and lunar exploration. Through a near-real scene, you can present an intuitive and visual science teaching, so that you can experience the experience of traveling in space.

Virtual aerospace science integrates physical objects, models, digital holographic system imaging, VR virtual reality technology demonstrations, interactive experiences and other forms of display, showing aerospace knowledge. Through a large number of aerospace physical originals, high simulation models, high-tech interactive experience devices, elaborate film and television animation content, and tension-based display design, the audience will enter the wonderful journey of China's space science and technology. Feel the virtual space travel.

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