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Under the market segment, how to choose 7D9D Cinema and Virtual Reality Experience Hall?

Under the market segment, how to choose 7D9D Cinema and Virtual Reality Experience Hall?


Nowadays, 7D9D cinema and virtual reality experience museum are developing rapidly. vr has also moved from enthusiasts to ordinary people's vision. Major well-known brands have also entered the vr industry. Various R&D teams, software and hardware development, can be regarded as a hot industry. In the big era of the Internet is developing at a rapid rate. So now in the fast-growing VR market, how can the 7D9D Cinema and Virtual Reality Experience Hall find a good market for a segment?
At present, the offline 7D9D theater and virtual reality experience hall is the best choice for realizing. The profit model is similar to the arcade hall. The cycle return depends on the marketing plan provided by the strength manufacturers and manufacturers you choose, which can make the experience museum profitable. And maintain the ability to product update iterations and keep the market competitive!
VR is an industry full of ideals and futures, and the 7D9D Theater and Virtual Reality Experience Hall is called the fastest way to realize it. Of course, it attracts a large number of entrepreneurs. For a time, the nation has set off a VR entrepreneurial craze. You can buy one by yourself. VR equipment, the idea of opening a physical store will certainly fail. So how to open a profitable 7D9D theater and virtual reality experience museum, Xuanjing Technology tells you the idea:
(1) Talking about the business model of 7D9D cinema and virtual reality experience museum, the business model can quickly find a breakthrough
Many VR entrepreneurs have a single business model, which leads to a very single sales performance. We only use the VR experience fee to deduct our labor costs and rents. How much more can you earn?

Therefore, the business model is very important. The VR experience is just our entrance. There are many innovative models for entering the VR startup, such as VR+ cafe, VR+ bar, VR+tea room and other auxiliary industry models. In addition, the VR industry alone has a lot of clarity. The innovative model, "VR Experience Hall + VR Live + VR E-commerce" is a new business system.
(2) Brand operation, seize the influence of the brand, and work together
It's easy to get a store name, but it's really complicated to run a brand yourself. Why not cooperate with a brand and use the brand influence to carry out joint efforts. Of course, it is not recommended to join the so-called brands that are too well-known for advertising. Otherwise, it may lead to too much cost in the early stage. Guangzhou Xuanjing Technology brand has this advantage!
(3) Learning VR technology, time and skill
Learning VR technology and using VR technology to make money are two different things. Of course, the time cost of learning and the grasp of technology itself are worth thinking. These are not everyone's good at it. If you are not good at it, you will spend money and Time, if there is a free VR learning opportunity, I hope that all VR entrepreneurs cherish these, these are the "knowledge" of unlimited value, learning VR technology to buy time and cost.
(4) Internet marketing and 020 monetization thinking
Like the traditional companies, the most difficult point for VR shopkeepers who move bricks and groceries is Internet marketing. Although online and offline are the same, but there is no Internet thinking, your marketing model can never keep up with the pace of young people, so this It is also the fastest way to realize VR O2O.

If we lack business models, lack of brand operations, lack of VR technology accumulation, and lack of Internet marketing, what are we only? We only have a handful of money and know how to buy VR hardware. We didn't find our own highlights. It is easy to fail in VR startups.
Therefore, we need industrial innovation, development, and need professional VR team support and coaching. Guangzhou Xuanjing Company is in this industry, has a very good method and team, and its brand of interactive time and space, is also a well-known brand in the industry!
Guangzhou Xuanjing Technology has more than 10 years of experience in the VR industry, especially in the operation of 7D9D theater and virtual reality experience hall. It has very rich experience! When some manufacturers in the industry do virtual reality experience museums, they will consult Xuanjing Technology, and Xuanjing Technology Company also gives valuable experience. Do you need it too?

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