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Traffic violations can carry heavy penalties for

by:XuanJing     2020-06-23
Suspension There are a number of ways that someone can lose their privilege for driving. It can come from previous traffic violations, including reckless driving, driving under the influence (DUI), eluding a police officer and any number of felony convictions related to driving a motor vehicle. Someone can also lose their privilege to drive by having too many points through the Department of Motor Vehicles. There are a number of ways that someone can lose their license to drive regardless of their present driving habits. For example, insufficient child support payments or non-payment of court costs in a criminal conviction in a timely fashion may result in a driver's license suspension. Causes Driving on a suspended driver's license can stem from a variety of events and carries any number of penalties upon conviction. Depending on how the person is caught, there is usually more than one legal charge involved. For example, the individual may have been stopped for speeding or running a red light. There may be an accident with injuries involved that prompts the police to be called. The defendant will need to answer not only to these charges, but may be required to serve any suspended time or penalties involved in previous convictions as a result of a violation of terms. Consequences This type of traffic charge has a number of consequences that many people do not consider until faced with one. Many states are strict about the penalties for this charge, since it always involves a prior violation of some sort. A fine, incarceration or further suspension may be given in any combination. Employment A driving on a suspended license conviction can affect future employment in a number of ways. Most importantly, anyone allowed to drive a company vehicle during office hours despite a suspension stemming from a previous charge usually finds these privileges removed with a driving on a suspended license charge, as well. Many occupations require a valid driver's license to perform job duties. When employees do not have a valid license, they either lose their job completely or are demoted to another position that does not involve driving. Some jobs require a security clearance to obtain or keep employment. When someone is convicted of this driving on a suspended license, their ability to pass a security background check will be compromised. Credit A conviction for driving on a suspended license can show up on someone's background check. It often depends on the nature of what caused the suspension in the first place or how recently it happened. It can prevent people from buying a home, leasing an apartment or getting a job. Author writes about a variety of topics. If you would like to learn more about driving suspended license, visit
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