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Today's youngsters are emerging to be greatly

by:XuanJing     2020-06-23
All these cases show that youngsters sometimes fail to understand the essence of learning. They opt for a particular course without even thinking about the career prospects in the particular field. Another basic problem is that parents start planning their child's career as soon as he/she is born. Though the dreams and aspirations continue to grow, what also grows is confusion. The terms 'education' and 'knowledge' are closely related to each other. While the scope of formal learning covers all processes that are required to deliver knowledge, and develop the character of the students, knowledge refers to a body of information which is passed on to the students through a wide variety of teaching practices. However, the prime purpose of education lies in a statement by ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates, which says, 'Education is all about drawing out what is already within the students'. According to the ideas and arguments put forth by modern philosophers and educationists, one of the real objectives of education is to leave a man in the condition of continually asking questions. Thus, quite naturally, an educated individual would have the capabilities of correct self-introspection, which would help him/her to understand the career objectives. In the present era, when the world has become a Global Village, the educational institutions have started using innovative practices and methods in teaching students. The present teaching curriculum includes traditional methods of teaching together with specialized training modules. The modules are designed to allow students learn professional skills hands-on, thus making them more confident than ever. B-Schools are leading by example in the field of pioneering the cause of systematic educational practices. The Institute of Leadership Entrepreneurship and Development (iLEAD) located in the business hub of Eastern India, has been adopting innovative methods in delivering quality management education. Career minded people can check their website at for more information.
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