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Thinking about applyingfor citizenship, but got

by:XuanJing     2020-07-20
enterants who request for citizenship (called 'naturalization') may still be on probation for the DUI when they file the N-400 Naturalization application. Being on probation (for anything) is considered bad moral character so they cannot still be on probation at the time of their citizenship interview, which in some parts of the United States takes place four to 6 months after filing the application. In many states a person can ask that their probation be terminated early so that they are off probation by the time of their citizenship interview. Some individuals with a DUI or DWI in their history may desire to hire an Immigration Attorney who has experience with citizenship and DUI convictions to embody them in their citizenship case to have the best possible chance of being approved. The Immigration Attorney examines the police report, the court documents, the exact language of the state statute, the wording of the plea bargain (or conviction if the case went to trial) and the sentencing documents before the citizenship application is presented to see whether the individual is qualified for citizenship. The U.S. Supreme Court can alter their mind at any time, and each state's law could be altered at any time, so it is wise for the Immigration Attorney get an update on the laws prior to filing the application for citizenship. Certain documents concerning the DUI conviction should be presented with the citizenship application, but others should not - and the Immigration Attorney knows which files to present . In addition, individuals with a DUI or DWI may desire to employ an Immigration Attorney to go with them to the citizenship interview, as the interviewing Officer will be asking some intense inquiries about good moral character in general for the previous five years because of the drunk driving conviction. The Officer can also take into account any of the person's conduct prior to the five years if it isrelated to the person's current moral behavior. The person should acknowledge responsibility for the DUI conviction and be ready to explain verbally and through data (like completion of classes and/or volunteer work, involvement in the church etc.) that he is not a consistent drunk and that he has transformed his life for the better. In general, if an immigration lawyer is there at the US citizenship interview, there will be less enquiries asked about the DUI incident itself. In most states, it is definitely possible to prove that a citizenship candidate has good moral character even with a DUI or DWI in their history so long as the citizenship application is carefully prepared and the interview goes well.
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