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There are many great roads in Australia which

by:XuanJing     2020-06-21
Great Ocean Road Located on the south eastern coast, this road extends 243 kilometres from Torquay near the Bass Strait in Victoria, westward to Warrnambool. Formerly known as State Route 100, the road was built by veterans as a memorial to their comrades killed in World War I. The scenery along this route includes the Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean. There are many towns along certain stretches of the road, and drivers can view spectacular limestone and sandstone cliffs and formations including the stacks known as the 'Twelve Apostles.' There is plenty of natural beauty and wildlife that can be encountered from kangaroos and koala bears to migrating whales. Great Alpine Road Stretching from Wangaratta in the northeast to Bairnsdale in the east, in Victoria state, this road covers 308 kilometres. Its name comes from the fact that it passes through the Australian Alps, and it is the mountainous counterpart to the Great Ocean Road, which is located in the southern part of the same state. This winding motorway takes drivers though mountains and valleys, which during the winter may be covered with snow. In some cases, extreme weather may close stretches of this road. One noteworthy attraction is the Mount Buffalo National Park. Black Spur Drive Also located in Victoria, between Healesville and Marysville, this road extends 30 kilometres through tall temperate rainforest. Giant ash trees line this road, which winds its way through the Great Dividing Range. Attractions include the Marysville State Forest. Sometimes used for motorcycle races, but the state government took measures in 2008 to improve vehicle safety. Mount Keira Road Starting from the south side of Mount Keira, this road winds its way up the slopes of this 464 metre high mountain located near Wollongong, New South Wales. Part of the Illawarra escarpment, this was once an important coal mining region, and is now a great place to enjoy the scenery and for nice views of the city of Wollongong. The mountain is covered with eucalyptus and sub-tropical rainforest, except near the bottom where you meet the suburbs of the city. Some of the attractions include an old coal mine, the Byarong park and a Scouts camp. At the summit of Mount Keira, is the Mountaintop Restaurant, where you can have a good meal before heading to the Mt. Keira Summit Park for a look at the city. Among the wildlife that you might encounter include the wallaby and the Rusa deer. Snowy Mountains Highway Also in New South Wales, this state highway stretches from Princes Highway near Bega westward to Hume Highway near Gundagai. It is best to travel this road when it is not covered with snow, which will often require use of tyre chains. Attractions include the Yarrangobilly Caves in the Kosciuszko National Park, noted for stalactite and other limestone formations, and Kiandra, an abandoned gold mining town converted into a ski resort. If you are thinking about it is important to book early to secure your vehicle. Due to the lengthy nature of some of these roads it is important to plan ahead and have supplies in case the worst happens. Click here for information on campervan hire Australia or how to buy a motorhome.
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