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The word online education means distance learning

by:XuanJing     2020-07-02
As per sources, approximately 600 courses are now offered on the Internet by 35 different academic institutions. That number is growing rapidly as more assessment, study and research is continuesly pointing to this way. The 'advancements not only in technology, but in the sciences of instruction and curriculum development along with assessment have made online education a desirable and efficient choice of students. Online education has many advantages that can benefit its students. Some key points can be quoted here which make online education a better option for students: -For students managing multiple time commitments,online education helps to cut down wasted time in traveling to and from school while providing flexible scheduling. -For those who want to continue their current job while pursuing a degree. -For a visual learner, as traditional campus based learning style is more emphasis on auditory activities such as lectures and oral discussions while online education learning style is mostly in visual learning format. -For self-motivated persons, who are more organized in their life and know the value of utilization of time. -Any specialized degree not available locally, which is One of the most compelling reasons to go for online education. But is distance education suitable for everyone? Following few factors should be considered: -Like our other daily routine life, first check credibility of institution. You should not to be so quick to enroll in a full course of online study. Instead first you should introduce yourself to the use of technology by enrolling in an elective course offered over the Internet. -As these classes allowing learners to make choices of their own studying schedules as to where and when they study and participate, this can also be a disadvantages for some of the more disorganized learners. As the biggest problem would be to be letting tasks and time get away. A high degree of time management skills are needed for assured success. -An online student should be more responsible for self learning. Instructors in the online environment only facilitate, leaving the student to find their own way which does not suit for some students, who require having an instructor meeting and leading class discussion with them at a regular time. -The student should be very well versed with Internet, able to use search engines and database managers properly. Must be familiar to use the World Wide Web, Newsgroups, FTP and e-mail for research and study. Now in the end we may have a result that earning a degree online can have many advantages over the traditional style of education. It will become your better education option.The advantages of online education can benefit you while helping you to achieve your education goal in a better way. But always remember you should be more disciplined and sincere about your future and studies. For more details please visit:
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