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The report begins with an introduction section

by:XuanJing     2020-06-27
The healthcare industry in India is showing great progress. The number of hospitals and nursing homes in the country is continuously increasing and this is resulting in a growing demand for various kinds of medical equipments ranging from simple instruments to the more sophisticated devices and equipments that work on complex mechanisms. Moreover, the increasing requirement of healthcare facilities on account of the changing demographics and increasing lifestyle is fuelling growth in the healthcare sector. While most of the simple instruments are manufactured indigenously, there is a high presence of MNCs when it comes to complex and sophisticated devices. The market for cath labs is showing the same trend and a significant share of the market is occupied by a few major foreign companies. The growing target base of consumers is expected to boost sales and the market is expected to exhibit steady growth in future. Industry report includes the current and expected total installed base of cath labs in the country. The market size and growth, both value-wise and in terms of unit sales for the two segments have also been provided in this section. This is followed by an analysis of the drivers leading to growth in the market. There are various factors leading to growth in the market. The rising incidence of cardiovascular diseases among Indians has been a major driving factor, resulting in an increased demand for procedures conducted in cath labs. The constant improvements in technology as well as improvements in hospital infrastructure are also fuelling growth in the market. The changing demographic structure of the country is yet another factor leading to the growth of the market. Also, the growing number of foreign patients coming to India for various treatments as well as the increased spending on healthcare is also helping the market to grow steadily. However, there are certain factors which act as impediments to the market's growth. The improvements in other diagnostic modes as well as the high costs and non feasibility of cath labs in rural areas are some of the challenges faced by the market. Significant advancements are taking place in the market on the technology front and these have been included in the next section. These trends include rotational angiography, swing lab, 3D rotational angiography, biplane, stent boost, hybrid cath lab / OR, digital subtraction angiography, remote magnetic navigation and robotic-operated systems. The competition section provides an overview of the competitive landscape in the industry and includes a detailed profile of the major players in the market. The Porter's Five Forces analysis for the cath lab market is provided in this section. A summary of the major players operating in the market has also been provided in the form of a bubble chart. It also includes the list of products and services, key people, financial snapshot, key ratios and key recent developments for the major players. A section providing strategic recommendations has been given at the end of the report which gives effective solutions to existing and potential players for improving market share and increasing profitability. Netscribes is a market research firm that supports Market Insights, Research & Analytics, Media & Publishing and Content Management. Netscribes services include Sales Insights, Market Intelligence, Social Media Insights, and Brand Surveillance for global clients. Research On India (ROI) is Netscribes' leading source for market intelligence on emerging sectors in India. Our topics provide a holistic view of an industry and are a spring board for entry strategies, private equity and venture capital investments, investor presentations and management discussions. For more details on the content of the report and our services you can contact us at Netscribes (India) Pvt. Ltd., launches a report on the Catheterization Laboratory Market in India 2012 as part of Netscribes' Healthcare Industry report series.
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