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The mainstream VR new product in 2018 - 360 aircraft

The mainstream VR new product in 2018 - 360 aircraft

Two years after the 2016 vr century, VR has gradually entered the public's field of vision. In 2018, a batch of mainstream VR experience museum equipment was produced, which was loved by the masses.

The mainstream artifact - VR aircraft, a new perspective VR new research and development of virtual reality equipment, unprecedented fashion cool appearance, attracting the flow of must-have items, let you sit on the deep love of crossing the time and space touch. Bring VR glasses to give you an immersive experience and feel the “real cool” in the process! With a large screen, real-time playback of game screen content, to achieve interaction with the audience.

The VR aircraft is a trajectory that combines the movement principle of industrial machinery to match the traversing angle of the glasses system. When the equipment is moving, the space is added to simulate the mobile simulation. Then with VR glasses, under the catalysis of VR glasses, our perspective sensory will also reach the simulation. So it can be said that the fun of this device can be felt.

The VR aircraft allows the user to wear the glasses to integrate the game into the game. The system has a clear picture and the device system automatically rotates.

VR aircraft is a very fun intelligent simulation of real game consoles, the screen is processed by MR technology, so that players will be more integrated into the game.

When the user is wearing a helmet to play the game, we seem to be just turning the device outside, and the user shows the virtual world in the helmet. They may be crossing the clouds or others at this time.

The 360 aircraft is a must-have item that is very attractive. Choose the Horizon Technology 360 aircraft.
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