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The Lotus School promoted by the Lotus Education society

by:XuanJing     2020-07-31
Also there is the primary section where the transition from kindergarten to school is well managed. At primary level, a lot of care is taken. There is focus on interactive learning, learning through fun and excitement. Some teaching methods taught here include mind mapping, questioning techniques, project method, circle method, co-elaborative learning, learning styles etc.The Lotus Concept School takes part in seminars, workshops, projects, presentation, field trips, guest lectures etc. Also there are regular worksheets, slip tests. There is a class room that focuses twice a week on compulsory strings in a year. At the dance classes students get to learn various forms of dance arts, folk and traditional classical and western. The students also get to participate in outdoor games and indoor games. The students also get to play table-tennis, caroms, chess and other indoor games.
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