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The launch of Gurgaon based Funz Infinitum's Buzzyy

by:XuanJing     2020-07-16
The 5D technology of the FunZ has made cinemas much more lifelike and even more exciting what with multi-sensory special effects like leg ticklers, seat pokers, back pokers, water jet, face air, neck air, snow, smoke, rain, wind, aroma, lightning, bubbles etc. And the six directional movements that ensure 3D viewing gives audience real virtual immersive experience. So, fasten your seat belts and get ready for the experience of a lifetime with all new 5D technology. Buzzyy 5D has been launched in a number of major cities viz. New Delhi, Gurgaon, Jallandhar, Amritsar etc. And, with all of this has come the adorable brand mascot Buzzyy - the hard working bumble bee who loves to have fun. Plans are also on to set up more of Buzzyy 5D units across the country in the coming times. This novel project of FunZ Infinitum has rocketed the world of Indian cinema to a new height. Prior to this the 3, 4 and 5D cinema technologies available in India were either exorbitant or of very poor quality. Buzzyy 5D, however, has made way for every moviegoer to get this fun-filled experience by lowering the price of the technology and enhancing the fun quotient. FunZ had been into sales and installation of 4D/5D theatres on project basis but this began as a business when one of the clients needed the support in making his theatre successful. At this the company decided to take the franchise route. The firm has taken the franchise route to expand its business where every technological, marketing and promotional support will be given to the franchisee to make the venture a success. Eager franchisees may log on to the website of the company to know more about the eligibility criteria et al. The USP of FunZ is QSP i.e. Quality Service Providers and because of this commitment to the end consumers they have garnered repeat footfalls in their 5D cinema halls thereby creating fan following of the 5D moviegoers. The only strategy of this 5D technology firm is 'Being true to the customers and supporting them' and on this they work with sincerity and devotion.
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