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The concept of Home Theatre:

by:XuanJing     2020-07-06
The traditional way of watching a movie has always been to go to a movie theater. But that has significantly changed after the introduction of VCRs, CDs and DVDs. But television do not provide the same pleasure of watching a movie as does movie theatre with its huge screen and surround sound system. But all that have changed with the introduction of surround sound technology in home cinema system. Choosing the system that suits you: Home Cinema System is meant to provide a movie theatre atmosphere at home with the help of surround audio and video equipments. However with the market brimming with such commodities of various brands and with different specifications, choosing a home system that suits your need has more or less become a hard task as no one product provides everything you need. For example, the compatibility factor, combinations that provides optimum results, the best sounds, whether to go for 5.1 or 7.1 speaker system, passive or active sub, inputs and outputs, optical digital, DVD-audio, and so on are choices one has to make when choosing a home system. Various products are marketed with different mind-boggling specifications and the audience often ends up confused as to what product to buy that would actually fulfill their needs for an ideal home cinema system. LG HT303PD 5.1Ch DVD Home Cinema System promises one such wholesome entertainment. The product provides an excellent picture quality along with an audio delivery that not only matches but also complements its video delivery creating an absolute theatre experience. LG HT303PD 5.1Ch DVD Technology: The LG HT303PD 5.1Ch DVD Home Cinema System is available in the market at a very reasonable price. It provides versatility and top notch performance with specially designed features. The dimension of the system is about 430 x 281 x 150mm (W/H/D) and weighs about 16.5 kg. It is complete with a USB port and a radio tuner. It has 6 speakers split six ways between the surround-sound speakers and the subwoofer with a total audio power of a whooping 300 watts. Its deep bass and pitch clear treble provide one truly amazing music listening or movie watching experience. The system sound gallery provides the audience with specially designed digital sound processor with 7 functions to create an ideal listening ambience. It has special movie modes and audio modes providing enriching and unique experiences each time you listen to music or watch a movie. Some of the special features of LG HT303PD 5.1Ch DVD Home Cinema System are as follows. Special Product Specifications and Features: Type 5.1 (5 speakers) home cinema system with DVD player, USB port and speakers Dimension 430x 281 x 150mm Weight (g) 16.5 kg Total sound output of 300watts 5 x 45 W amplifier 2 tall and 3 Satellite speakers SCART connection (USB, Aux Audio input, Component & Composite Video Output Connections) USB compatible MP3 player Region code 2 CD-R/RW, CD+/-R, CD+/-RW, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW Mpeg & Divx Compatible Dolby True HD (DTS, Dolby prologic II) A/V features AM/FM Tuner/antenna Remote control USB1 x AUX1 x Portable (Jack) Inputs CD/DVD players Home theatre is a new age technology that ushers in theatre like experience right at your living room. However, the burgeoning of such markets has also brought in many choices that are not particularly suited to your needs unlike LG HT303PD 5.1Ch DVD Home Cinema System which is solely designed keeping the audience's necessity in mind.
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