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Technology plays an important role in enhancing

by:XuanJing     2020-07-04
Teachers are using multimedia content with audio and video into their lessons. The teacher has to be sure to identify the main points of the contents so that children can absorb the knowledge. Teacher may bring a chart or draw a neat diagram on the board, but effective learning still misses out. A multimedia content gives the student a better learning experience as they can watch the actual phenomena and processes. With Interactive Whiteboards, Teachers can annotate on their content and save it in computer files that can't be done through traditional boards. Time has come to integrate modern teaching aids into the classroom for effective learning and teaching. Interactive Education is a company set-up originally by Teachers for Teachers. It is now one of the UK's market leading ICT Solutions Providers. It work with world class partners to create and sell the best ICT training and learning products such as classroom response systems, interactive whiteboards, modern teaching aids , Building Schools for the Future desks and digital signage systems.
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