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Speed is the ultimate mantra of modern living.

by:XuanJing     2020-07-15
Good driving depends on practice. You must keep a few things in mind before you start driving. Adjust the seat according to your convenience. Make sure that all the glasses are clean and nothing can obstruct your view. Check whether the rearview mirrors are properly adjusted. Do not forget to check if the car is in neutral gear before you start the engine. Look whether the doors are locked properly. The most important thing is to put on the seat belt. The driver should ask the passengers to do the same. Check the brake lights before you start driving. Do not cross the speed limits while you drive. This can save you from accidents and sudden crash. The situations often become out of control when you cross the speed limits. Driving too slowly can prove to be dangerous as well. So keep pace with the flow of traffic. Maintain safe distance in order to avoid striking the vehicle in front of you. You should remember a few things when u back up. Check behind your vehicle before you get in. tiny objects and children are often not visible from the driver's seat. Do not depend on the side mirror only. Look through the rear window directly. If you follow a few things you can easily keep away yourself and the passengers from accident. Do not drive when you are ill, drowsy or fatigued. Taking alcohol before driving is dangerous. Other things that you should avoid while driving include reading. Always keep an eye on the road. Talking over the phone can distract your attention. So avoid using mobile phones while you drive. Adjusting the radio or changing CD or cassette is not permissible while driving as it can cause accident. Following the traffic rules is very important while driving. You should move forward only when the road is clear. Avoid overtaking other vehicles. While crossing an intersection you should be more careful. The most important thing is to follow the signal. Start the engine only when the light is green. Stop the car when red signal is shown. Slow down the car at zebra crossings and let the people cross the road. Follow the signal for turns, stops and lane changes. Do not enter the [No Entry Zone]. While making a turn the driver should be aware of a number of things. Avoid making a last minute turn. Slow down before making a turn. Give turn signals to other vehicles while changing lane. If you want to make a turn in an intersection and you can not find proper lane move on to the next intersection and make the turn. Drivers should be aware of the parking rules and regulations. Try to park your vehicle in the parking zone. If there is no parking zone nearby then you can park on a public road. However move your vehicle far away from the moving traffic. If it is not a one way street park on the right side of the road. After parking always lock the vehicle. Use parking lights while parking your car at night. Following these rules and regulations is key to safe driving. Abir Roychowdhury is a professional Internet Marketer. For Driving School Sydney Australia or Sydney Driving School Visit Matthews Driving School
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