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Since its inception in 1985, IGNOU (Indira Gandhi

by:XuanJing     2020-07-13
The number of personnel personnels Rooms Gyan is much less than other government organizations, such as air and Prabhakaran believes that there is no need to assume more personal than what already exists. 'The problem with AIR is that they are tremendously personal. There are not enough jobs for people to pull out when significant amount of salary. Compared to that at Gyan Vani, we have only three officers including myself, and about thirty presentators of, and we do much more efficient and productive of other organizations ' Lessons learned from the task is always boring, listen and learn on the radio is sure to be twice as boring. What makes click Gyan Vani Despite these peculiarities serious? 'Our method of approach is different,' says Mr. Prabhakaran, 'When we say that focus on education, this does not mean that reading the lessons directly from the textbooks, a half hour per subject. They should not push people away from our support. For us, we embraced entertaining way of imparting knowledge to people and not just for students but also for common public. organize chat sessions, and discussions documentries on various topics that fall within the IGNOU assumption. There are language classes and training classes for those preparing for entrance exams to the public. And this n 'not only the lessons that also address issues of cultural activities and contemperory of a region particular. ' True to its motto of the training for the masses, there is a clear no commercialization 'policy for Gyan Vani. 'We do not endorse any advertisements or programs masala revenue. We work with the grant provided us with a government that, even if it is limited, it is enough for us to continue. If we were to market the Bays Gyan, then finally a stage will not have to leave space for educational programs and public broadcasting, which is what the half Rooms Gyan 'Prabhakaran said. Gyan Vani has also been dubbed as 'national educational radio' for precisely this very reason. There is a variety in the contents of programs broadcasted through Gyan Vani, and each program is of a short duration of about 10-15 minutes to make it more listener-friendly, so as not to burn them out by relaying a program on the same topic continuously for one our. We do not transmit humourless programs that eat into your brain cells. We enrich it with local flavours, cultural backgrounds, arts, songs and such. Like I said before, Gyan Vani is not about reading out lessons from an IGNOU textbook. Our purpose is to enrich the curriculum of IGNOU. The remarkable success Gyan Vani has achieved in so short a period of time is due to its own relevant reasons. We have got a very resourceful and dedicated staff, who form the main asset of Gyan Vani. We have got all kinds of people, from doctors and professors, to unemployed youth who work for us on a part time basis, in our staff list. Our schedule is very flexible and can be changed at short notice which is virtually impossible with other radio stations. All these have attributed to the success of Gyan Vani in general, and the Trivandrum region in particular. Yet he accepts that Gyan Vani could do better if some shortages are rectified. Firstly we need a studio complex of our own. Right now we rent out facilities from AIR, which limits our ability to add more variety to the programs. Then we need to have a little more techinical perfection on our side to reach out to more number of people. There are a few minor other hurdles too, but they can wait. The above two are what we need to tackle urgently.' With Gyan Vani, IGNOU students can learn about their course and also, about their land. More than just educating them, Gyan Vani helps them become better citizens. In Prabhakaran's words, 'Gyan Vani is helping to rebuild the nation as a whole.' Just one year into service and already, Gyan Vani has collected positive feedbacks from everywhere. Prabhakaran, as the station director of Gyan Vani, Trivandrum, has reasons to be proud, and is eagerly looking forward to the second year with plans more innovative than what has been tried over the past year.
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