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Recently what is most popular with people - VR science

Recently what is most popular with people - VR science


The “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” wrote the development of the virtual reality industry into the outline of the plan. The outline clearly stated that the virtual reality industry should be vigorously promoted. According to the demand statistics of the supplier platform, the largest demand for the VR series is the VR science series.
With the continuous advancement of VR technology, the application of VR in the field of science will continue to improve, and gradually become one of the main ways of science education for disaster prevention and reduction. To prevent natural disasters, you need vr science education, VR science education can make you deepen the science Know how to deal with natural disasters.
At this exhibition, VR Science and Technology was greatly influenced by people's enthusiasm.
VR fire
In the past fire safety education, teachers can only talk about students on paper, and students can't afford to be interested. They don't agree. According to the teacher's words, "the left ear goes into the right ear." When the fire really happens, it is in a hurry. In the case of the use of self-help knowledge, there is no way to start.
Create virtual high-fidelity images through VR embedded virtual fire scenes to create an immersive fire and fire scene experience. You can choose different scenarios, such as: shopping malls, schools, homes, subways, etc. Keep abreast of all kinds of information and feel the fire scene.
Hyun VR fire is popular among people
VR firefighting is experienced by TV station
VR Typhoon Earthquake
Through the VR typhoon seismic platform to experience the horror and ruthlessness of the typhoon earthquake, many people have learned how to deal with the typhoon earthquake disaster. In the simulated plot, the user can learn the correct way of self-rescue in the earthquake according to the prompts, so that there will be more survival possibilities in the real disaster, and the loss of life and property will be reduced.
Hyunjing Technology focuses on improving the quality and advantages of VR science education, allowing the masses to further increase VR science knowledge in education and learning, and strive to make greater contributions to the development of VR science.

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