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by:XuanJing     2020-06-20
APLUSB SOFTWARE CORPORATION, a company specializing in interactive driver's software packages, Releases 10 languages version of 'US & CANADA DRIVING TEST', Windows Educational Tool for Prospective Drivers. OTTAWA, Ontario 27 June, 2007 AplusB Software Corporation, a company assisting all kinds of drivers in learning driving rules and skills, announced the launch of new 10 Languages 'US & CANADA DRIVING TEST', an alternative Drivers Ed. The 'US & CANADA DRIVING TEST' is an interactive application for beginner drivers, travelers, and people with learning disabilities. To make this Drivers Ed reliable, a total of 50 US Department of Transportation and 13 Canadian Provinces/Territories Ministry of Transportation officials were contacted and correspondence covering road rules, regulations, and safety issues in Canada and the US were exchanged. The present product covers all USA/Canada and is available in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, German, Japanese, Arabic, Traditional and Simplify Chinese languages. It prepares the user to pass the official driver's license theory & road tests in every state/province. This application is designated not only to use to prepare for the theory exam, but also to use with the driving practice. Continuously study the software parallel to driving exercises, benefits the student in many ways: it doesn't let the student to forget already learned theory, it answers questions aroused during the driving and makes student-driver more confident behind the wheel. The friendly interfaces, uncomplicated language, and the many graphics make the 'US & CANADA DRIVING TEST' attractive for everyone. It can also be used as a non-conventional method to learn/practice foreign languages or to evaluate routine drivers. The program contains many features, which are helpful in business, study, and pleasure. Market research has shown that the study method offered by Aplusb Software Corporation is more effective than using a handbook. Some License Offices, Driving Schools, Libraries, and Colleges (public & private) in US and Canada already distribute 'US & CANADA DRIVING TEST' to the public; it is also available on AplusB Software Corporation provides interactive applications for Car/Truck/Bus Drivers to study not only the traffic rules, but also all kinds of commercial vehicles handling procedures, and practice tests. Company's second major creation, the 'COMMERCIAL DRIVER'S LICENSE MANUAL' with all endorsements included, is an application for present and future commercial truck and bus drivers. Now to help you even further with your road tests AplusB is coming out with a new product, the SIMURIDE (3-D car driving simulator for vehicles with manual transmission). The Simuride will help the user gain experience behind the wheel, using clutch pedal with manual gear shifter and drive with confidence. This new product will include many features such as being able to select various vehicles, weather conditions and different driving environments such as city streets with or without traffic, or country roads. Aplusb Software Corporation continuously revises and improves its products offering free lifetime links updates. Demos are available at AplusB Software Corporation (D&B D-U-N-S #205560118) was initiated in 2002 and incorporated in 2003 as the 'AplusB Software Corporation'. Offering high-quality and low-cost educational software to help nervous, unconfident, stressed, and previously failed students in passing their written and road exams. Thousands of Happy Customers from Coast to Coast have already enjoyed the software! ######## Sincerely Piotr Anweiler Director AplusB Software Corporation
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