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by:XuanJing     2020-07-14
Role of Control Software: It's the most critical part of theatre's control system since it controls motion, audio, video and special effects. Ask your supplier how many additional effects can be integrated with the same software? Can the same software program 4DOF or 6DOF seat motion...just in case you need to upgrade your system. Buzzyy 5D theatre software can integrate maximum number of special effects and treats different motions also as an effect. Thus it can support 3DOF, 4DOF or 6DOF seat motion. Product Development: Anybody who is importing technology and components from some other country can't provide you quality services. Such supplier don't have any customization abilities also and they will provide only what they have received from actual manufacturer. Among Indian companies, only Funz Infinitum Technologies (P) Ltd. has demonstrated the ability to customize 5D Cinema theatres and offer additional own developed special effects. Funz Infinitum is also offering high end 5D theatres with 180 degree curved screen and walk through experiences with 360 degree circular screen. 5D/6D/7D...what all is this? It's nothing but marketing gimmicks by some over enthusiastic suppliers and operators. In a 5D Theatre, you will typically find 3DOF seat motion (six Directions: Left-Right tilt; Forward-Backward Tilt; Up-Down motion. Parameters for displacement can vary from supplier to supplier), Special Effects like: Leg ticklers, seat pokers, back pokers, rain, waterjet, face air blast, neck air blast, aroma, lightening, smoke/fog, snow, bubbles, vibrations etc. There is nothing that distinguishes between 5D and the so called 6D or 7D theatres by such suppliers. Buzzyy 5D Theatres have added effects like Arm Shockers, Fire, Waves, Laser in addition to automation of lighting of the theatre. Buzzyy 5D also offers curved screen projection with 6 projectors and even 360 degree screen option. No wonders, some of Funz Infinitum clients call Buzzyy 5D Theatre as 9D or...even more. Projection System: Projection system comprises of projectors and screen. A high lumen projector may not ensure bright picture if the screen quality isn't good. Try to understand the specifications of the screen which will help in choosing a good projector. Projector lumens depend upon screen size, light in the ambience and in theatre area, screen size etc. For a big screen, good height clear of beams and columns is required. If your site has 13ft or more height, you can have a screen of around 16 ft width and 10 ft height. Remember for a 24/32 seat theatre, if screen isn't around 3ft high from ground, then people in sitting in the last row won't be able to clearly see the visuals on the lower part of the screen. A projector with very high lumen may not be the best choice for optimization of picture quality. For a 16 ft x 9 ft screen and for 24-32 seat theatre, ideally, each projector for Left-Right eye view setup, the lumen should be around 4000 ANSI. Anything below will be like compromising on the picture quality. Another thing to note is resolution. If you are going to view High Definition movies, then XGA projectors are not suitable. Depending upon your budget, ask for at least 720 HD projectors from your supplier. Contrast ratio is perhaps the most import thing when we consider a projector. At the same time, it is difficult to rely on specs given by most of the projector companies since internationally; there are no standards to measure the contrast ratio. Therefore, every manufacturer tries to present own figures. In such a scenario, it is better to depend on some of the companies like Epson, Mitsubishi, Panasonic etc for small format theatres. Tall claims of 150000:1 or similar contrast ratio appear to be unreal as compared to tested and quality projectors that mention 2000:1 or similar for their contrast ratio. Compressor: Ask for compressor with dryer and filters for oil and moisture. Check after what interval they need servicing, maintenance, oil change etc. Another aspect to be checked is the running cost. There are some known branded compressors in the market that are cheap to buy but their running cost is very high. Avoid getting in the low price traps since such compressors turn out to be more expensive within one year of running. Movies: If your supplier says that he will give you 10-20 free movies. You can be sure that you are talking to a video pirate. Movies are intellectual properties of production houses and they have spent money for producing these. If you want to display these, producers have a right to ask for license fee...just like in main stream cinema. Without quality content, industry can't grow and those who indulge in movie piracy are actually trying to kill the industry for their own short term gains. It is recommended that you make your revenue projections by keeping a provision for license fee for the number of movies that you will show over a period of time. important they are? Valves in a pneumatic or hydraulic system are as important as any other pneumatic/hydraulic component. There are different types of valves and different companies on the basis of their technical specifications choose different valves. Smoothness of motion actually depends upon quality of motion programming. Role of valves is just to release air/oil pressure whenever the software sends the command. Interior & Ambience: Interior and ambience play a great role in providing overall experience to your customer. Most of the 5D theatre manufactures prefer not to work on this aspect of the theatre and leave it for their client to work on it. This is correct in the sense that two different persons will have different likes, perceptions about interior designs and color schemes. This can create some confusion between buyer and supplier. Thus both parties need to be on the same wavelength for this part of the theatre. Otherwise, buyer should insist for a theatre layout from their supplier so that they can organize civil works and interiors of their choice.
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