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Parents must let the bear child know about VR fire safety knowledge

Parents must let the bear child know about VR fire safety knowledge


Self-developed VR fire safety education course

Enter the alarm scene introduction "Welcome to the fire alarm simulation center, where we will restore the whole process of the fire alarm. Carefully watch the information provided in the video screen and complete the alarm through the telephone."

In case of fire danger, click on the phone to pop up the dialing interface, such as dialing the correct number "119": "Hello! Here is the fire center, where is the fire?", according to the voice + text prompt, the correct choice is the alarm option.
The experience learns how to properly dial the fire alarm number, how to correctly answer the content of the phone, and let the fire quickly understand the fire scene, so that the fire can effectively carry out critical fire rescue operations.

Small fire extinguishes the simulation scene

Enter the fire-fighting scene and come to the small fire to extinguish the simulation center. Here we will learn the emergency treatment methods of various fire situations encountered in life. When it is found that different objects are on fire, they can use the correct fire extinguishing tools to extinguish the fire, effectively preventing the spread of small fires and reasonably preventing the fire from happening.

Fire fighting props simulation scene

Enter the props scene and come to the fire props display center. Here we mainly understand three kinds of fire extinguishing props commonly used in life: fire extinguishers, water, sand, and use them to complete the fire extinguishing demonstration. In the event of a fire, how to properly use fire-fighting tools to extinguish the fire effectively prevents the spread of small fires and reasonably prevents the fire from happening.

School fire escape simulation scene

In the school escape mode, the experiencer will play the trapped person, and the trapped person has the concept of blood volume. When he walks out of the fire in the specified time and the blood volume is above 0, the escape is successful. There are many dangerous areas in the scene, which need to be discovered by users through their own observations. If you accidentally break into a dangerous area, it will cause a rapid drop in blood volume.

In the game mode, the experiencer perceives how to calmly choose the escape mode when the fire is fired. It will not cause secondary damage in the fire scene, effectively escape from the fire scene and protect his life.

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