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Online education is to learn via a computer with

by:XuanJing     2020-08-01
One of the major advantages of online education is the convenience. In today's busy lifestyle, most people have no time to have traditional learning - to take time off from your schedule to attend regular and routine educational institution. Online education provides access to learn at any time, allows the flexibility to schedule your learning, what you need to have only computer and internet connection at home. Online education is also a great choice for those students with physical handicaps, which may prevent them from travelling to a college or university. Similarly, if you are shy or linguistically-challenged, learning in an online course may be a great option to learn in a class. Besides that, students can learn from anywhere in the world through online education, it benefits students who wish to study in a different country, they can learn different culture and knowledge from different country. In the contrary, one of the major disadvantages of online education is having the discipline of time management. If you can't able to manage time and schedule, online education will not be a suitable method of learning for you. You will probably perform better with the structure of traditional learning. If you are this kind of person, letting yourself to study at your own place and can't concentrate and be aggressive with your own schedule, you are not the right candidate for online education. Another disadvantage is the lack of oral communication. Since online education encourages communication through e-mail or text chatting only, you do not have opportunity to hear questions and discussion from other students. You may be deprived of scope to improve your oral communication skills. Before you pursue your online education, think twice that are you able to communicate well through words and texts? Online education isn't for everyone, it depends on the kind of attitude and personality you are. Anna has been writing articles online for nearly 3 years now. Not only she is a part time tutor, you can also check out her latest website Dell Coupon to find out how you can get a Dell computer at a bargain price by using Dell coupon.
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