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by:XuanJing     2020-07-01
* Soft, Leather lining with removable insole provides extraordinary comfort driving or walking. * Rolled heel for easy movement between pedals, round toe to avoid hang ups, outside abrasion panel for comfortable heel and toe shifting. * Breathable Leather Lined Innersole that will shape to your foot. * Removable Innersole which may be replaced with many styles of orthopedic insoles. * Soft, padded, heavy duty Poly Knit Sock.The shelby shoes include: * Carbon Fiber-Style reflective heel. * Cobra Logo embossed into side. * Performance Tire Tread Sole Design for extra traction.Never drive without shoes on. Driving with sandals or 'flip flops' is also not a good idea. Also, always make sure your carpet doesn't slide around on the floor. This can interfere with the pedals and can be very hazardous.If you're going to be driving a long distance, you should stretch your legs, calves, ham strings, etc to ensure you're comfortable throughout the trip. Also, don't forget to stop and use rest areas.Remember: Smooth is fast, smooth is good, smooth is safe, and correct use of heel and toe, especially with performance driving shoes, makes SMOOTH.This page also found at special driving shoes and was inspired by a2z racer website. Tony a2z has also designed several driving/walking shoes.
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