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Mother's Lap is a nursery school located in Sector-8

by:XuanJing     2020-07-04
The campus of the school is well-equipped with modern infrastructural facilities like spacious ventilated class rooms. The school uses the latest teaching aids for educating its children. After coming to the school, it helps in fighting the separation anxiety. In nuclear families, the child is totally dependent on parents. After coming to the play school, the children get to play with the right kind of toys that have learning value attached to them. So here there is a lot of value-addition as far as the child's preliminary education is concerned. After coming to this school, the child is ready for admission into a bigger school. After coming to Mother's Lap School, the child becomes more confident and independent. The staff at Mother's Lap School is very caring. They take full care that each student gets individual care and learns properly at school. The teacher-student ratio at the school is well-balanced. The ratio is balanced to ensure that the students get proper care and attention from their teachers. The school provides an excellent and child friendly ambience. The school is wonderland for many children. At the school International Montessori education modules are used for educating the children. The school also plans to set new standards in pre-school education in India. Here the children love to explore and discover new things about the world around them. The tiny tots learn about independent thinking and problem solving. For the healthy growth and development of the children, the children spend most of their time in free play. The educational atmosphere at the school is such moulded that it promotes the social, intellectual and spiritual growth of the child. Here the staff uses positive guidance techniques that enhance the child's feeling of self worth. After coming to the school, the kids learn to co-operate, listen and share. Here the children participate in small and large group interactions. The students are also encouraged to take part in activities that stimulate cognitive growth and creativity. The students are also encouraged to take part in outdoor activities that develop large and small motor skills. These activities stimulate cognitive growth and creativity. The tiny tots are encouraged to take part ion various outdoor activities that help in the development of large and small motor skills. At the school, the children get to participate in yoga, singing, dancing, story time, role play, cooking, art and craft. The writer of this article is a school adviser in Online School and providing free of cost consultancy to parents and schools for fast and easy online school admissions in the pre-schools of India as per their choice. Parents can look for the Best Schools In Dwarka on the site from where they can get information about Mother's Lap a one of the best school in the Nursery Schools In Dwarka.
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