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Many people experience back pain while driving

by:XuanJing     2020-06-21
Check Your Back Pocket Many people keep a lot of things in their wallet and they usually keep this fat wallet in their back pocket. So, in an attempt to avoid back pain while driving, the first thing that you have to do is to check your back pocket. Empty your pocket - remove the billfold from there because it makes you lean slightly to one side, which is not good for your back because your leaning position will create undue force on it. Are You Wearing A Tight Belt? Now, check your belt. Is it tight on your waist? If yes, loose your belt. Always remember, a tighter waistline puts more pressure on your lower back. So, you can dramatically avoid back pain while driving just by losing your belt. In fact, it will also be a nice idea to undo your pants button in order to make sure that there is just no pressure on your waistline. Give Support To Your Lower Lumbar You are also advised to provide some support to your lower lumbar. You can do this by using a rolled up or folded small towel. However, in some latest car models, there is an option in car seat to make adjustments to the lumbar support, but this option is not available in all cars. And, even if you have that facility in your car, you may not find it suitable for you. So, the best way to do this is to fold a towel in a rectangular shape (4' x 6' and one inch thick). Place this folded towel just behind your lower back. However, depending upon your specific areas of back pain while driving, you may like to change its position accordingly. Make Your Sitting Position More Bearable You can provide great relief to your back just by making some small adjustments in your sitting position. The idea is to make it more bearable and more comfortable for you - you can do this by moving the seat a little lower or higher or moving it a little back or ahead. Take A Break Don't drive for long hours at a stretch. If you keep driving without taking any break, this is the worst thing you will be doing not only to your back but also to your car. Your car needs some rest and so do you. So, don't forget to take a break every couple of hours while you are driving long distances. And, when you stop, the first thing you should do is to practice some stretching while focusing especially on the areas where you feel tight. Overall, if you follow the above tips thoroughly, you can easily avoid back pain while driving. About Author Back pain can be caused by a number of factors, and a thorough analysis of the symptoms can help you better understand the type of backache you suffer from. You must follow certain tips to avoid back pain while driving and have a safe and comfortable journey.
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