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KEF KHT3005SE ReviewKEF has been around long enough

by:XuanJing     2020-07-06
(The new subwoofer has a more round appearance than previous incarnations.;The attractive subwoofer is more spherical in appearance than previous models.;The subwoofer has a more rounded shape than the models that came before it.) It can be mounted on its stand vertically, or set up horizontally. The active model runs on 250 watts and uses an auxiliary bass radiator. Behind the ten inch cone, a second panel offers the woofer deeper bass that would otherwise be possible.Compared to similarly priced systems, the KEF KHT3005SE is an excellent choice. Regardless of the volume, the satellites don't get muddled. The effect is very clear, drawing attention to details not normally experienced.The center channel ties everything together, offering extremely clear on-screen sound, and bringing out the vocals so that they can be clearly heard regardless of what else may be happening on screen.Despite the fact that the satellites now offer more bass than in the past, the subwoofer is as powerful as ever. It is built to squeeze everything that it possibly can out of the 250 available watts. With the bass boost on, the full capabilities are made obvious. Powerful as it is, it's also precise. The sub doesn't distract from or overpower the on-screen action.While the KEF KHT3005SE certainly couldn't be called cheap, it is perfectly priced for its excellent abilities. The experience is immersive and highly accurate.
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