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It is a well known saying that education is a

by:XuanJing     2020-06-23
Whether this definition is correct or not, the aim of true definition is correct or not, the aim of true education is certainly, not so much to load the memory with knowledge, as to 'draw out' or develop the faculties of the mind. As we all know that give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teaches a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. So, every child should begin with a general education. He must learn to observe accurately, to think truthfully, to speak correctly, and to write clearly. For a child should know something of the wonderful world he lives in, and something of what men have done in past. As it is truly said' the difference between a man and an animal is that a man is educated and animals are not. Along with all this must go moral education-perhaps the most important of all. Religion is perhaps best taught at home but the great moral principles common to all religions should be given a prominent place in school teaching, for right conduct is the must important part of life. Now at last, I would like to say that education is what is left after all has been learnt is forgotten. People sometimes talk of having 'finished' their education when they leave school or college. But real education should never finish all through life we should be learning, not only from books, but form experience- from life it self. But nowadays children think that education is a process of wasting half of our life to learn how to waste remaining half of our life. This is wrong. If you require international level studies in India for your children. So do not be confuse just you need to search international schools in India, international schools India , international school in India, International school Delhi etc. and you can easily find such kind of destination via internet. As we also know that 'no education, no future is a true thought as education helps us to grow and change the face. If we are literate we can access to anything easily. Education has changed people. Education has told us much about this world. Education actually does not mean to be a book worm. But it means to understand. Education is not only studies but also physical as well as moral. If we are not fit we can not to a small work. So, physical education is very important. We should also be having values as first impression is the last impression. If we have moral value anyone will easily understand about his personality. So moral education is also very important- education has changed the whole world. So we should remember those great men who wanted welfare of others changed fare of world and we can how educated were. So, be educated in everything. Lancer's International School in India is facilitate with well educated teachers, to educate your child with the help of their modern techniques to make your child mind as sharp as they can learn any thing easily. Our school is planning to make unique history from all International schools India.
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