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Interactive time and space virtual reality experience museum brief introduction!

Interactive time and space virtual reality experience museum brief introduction!


With the VR technology entering the outbreak in the second half of this year, the traditional VR offline experience is no longer an egg chair plus a pair of VR glasses. VR treadmills, single VR backpacks, flight simulation cabins, VR driver seats, and other large peripherals that are difficult for ordinary people to purchase are gradually joining the VR offline experience hall.

The VR offline experience quickly moved closer to indoor large-scale amusement equipment. According to the current trend, the VR offline experience has stepped into a VR experience center that relies on large equipment to win from a single-person experience hall that relies on small devices. It took less than a year from the earliest small experience hall mode to the current VR line experience to turn to a large number of VR rides with large equipment.

From the current stage, the current offline experience of VR can be divided into three categories: small VR experience hall, medium VR experience hall, and large VR experience hall.

1, small VR experience hall

First of all, the small VR experience hall covers an area of 10-50 square meters. This kind of experience hall is mainly composed of the more mature HTC Vive, and a few are supplemented with peripherals such as egg chairs to enhance the experience. The VR Experience Center can only support 1-10 players for VR experience at the same time. I believe that everyone in the mall, Internet cafes, video games city have seen such a small offline experience hall.

The small VR offline experience hall is more to show the basic VR equipment, so that users can experience the virtual reality technology to bring a novel experience. Because of the low cost of opening, such VR experience museums have a considerable number of domestically, and most of them are radiated to major cities in the form of franchise stores.

2. Medium VR Experience Hall

The mid-range VR offline experience store covers an area of 50-500 square meters. This type of experience store has a variety of VR devices. High-end VR equipment such as htc vive, Oculus Rft and other mainstream consumer VR treadmills and simulated cockpits also have a certain scale, similar to a "VR" large-scale video game city.

3, large theme VR experience hall

 While the large VR experience hall does not necessarily occupy more than some large VR experience centers, its core “theme” has brushed off a large number of offline experience stores. In Xiaobian's view, this "theme" does not refer to VR, but should refer to content. Brand core products, large space free walking, and multi-person interactive play projects are indispensable conditions for large-scale theme VR experience museums.

In general, the large-scale theme VR experience hall is not a simple experience display, but it is more about the depth of VR play content. The ultimate goal is to take advantage of the infinite expansion of virtual reality technology to break through the sensory limitations of traditional rides.

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