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Hyun Jing Typhoon Simulation Experience Hall

Hyun Jing Typhoon Simulation Experience Hall


Recently, Typhoon No. 4 occurred in the coastal cities of Guangdong, and the winds in the northwestern part of the South China Sea, the western coast of Guangdong Province and the sea surface will gradually increase to 7 to 9 and gust 10 . It will cause disasters and losses to coastal cities by then. Fortunately, today, with the development of science and technology, the typhoon simulation experience hall has already realized the use of virtual reality technology to understand, analyze, and prevent typhoon early. The Hyun Jing Typhoon Simulation Experience Hall aims to popularize typhoon knowledge, enhance the knowledge of typhoon for all, improve self-protection awareness, and improve the ability to respond to unexpected events such as earthquakes.

The typhoon simulation experience hall simulates the change effect of multiple typhoon levels of typhoon disasters as the main line, highlighting the human understanding of nature, revealing nature, raising people's understanding of typhoon, preventing it, and taking necessary self-rescue measures when the typhoon comes.

The combination of advanced simulation platform technology, compact structure, realistic simulation of the environment and reliable operation. The built-in sound system, with the change of typhoon level, produces different sound effects, and the voice system also introduces different typhoons.

The typhoon of the typhoon simulation experience hall is coming soon. The wind and rain are coming, the typhoon continues to come, the wind and lightning are torrential rain, and it is caught in the typhoon center. The tranquility before the next wave of storms, the typhoon is getting more and more, and the disaster is over.

Because it integrates modern display means such as film and television technology and optoelectronic technology, the typhoon simulation has achieved a high starting point, large scientific and technological content, and rich era characteristics in displaying content and form.

The Xingjing Typhoon Simulation Experience Hall is a science education museum that uses technology to simulate typhoons! Play a positive role in reducing losses.

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