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Education is very very important for every individual

by:XuanJing     2020-07-12
Education gives self confidence for an individual. Education moulds the character for a person natural innate and self in all forms in a healthy manner. Education shapes the personality of the individual Education gives an identity for an individual say he is a doctor, he is an advocate, he is a collector, etc Education helps the society to get better and become more refined Education gives a broad and healthy attitude for people Education is the sole proprietor which helps students in acquiring a career of their choice nowadays. Education is a necessary tool which must be a preamble and an important framework of constitution in every persons life If a person acquires good education and high qualification with good credentials he is expected to get a good job with the help of best human resource consultants. if education is acquired by most of the people in developing countries then the gap between rich and poor is narrowed very very deeply and the country can grow well in all areas of technology. Hence every family must feel that their children must acquire best and good education from schools and colleges. if private schools and colleges are bound to be expensive the government of every country must help the citizens in getting this valuable education which will reward a persons career in a prestigeous manner thats all thanking you sincerely sowmya
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