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Continuing education for pharmacy technicians

by:XuanJing     2020-07-27
There are 8 organizations that offer continuing education programs for pharmacy techs, which are discussed below: Pharmcon Offers FreeCE * History - Since 1996, FreeCE has provided free continuing education programs for healthcare professionals, as the name implies. Pharmcon, the parent company of the CE programs, offers several methods to take advantage of the education, including webcasts, webinars and research publications. Since 1992, Pharmcon has been an active part of the pharmaceutical industry, even though the FreeCE programs weren't initiated until 1996. Approved by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), the opportunities make your continuing education affordable and the reputation of Pharmcon is well-established, being involved with the major players of the industry since their inception. * CE curriculum - The CE curriculum includes instruction about fibromyalgia, post-herpetic, bipolar disorder, diabetes, insomnia, and schizophrenia, among many others. Free CE offers continuing education for pharmacy technicians that is varied and covers a wide range of subject matter. * CE Program fees - There are a few webinars and webcasts that cost $10 to $30, but the majority of them are offered at no cost for members, and non-members may incur a small cost. PHE Offers Power-Pak C.E. * History - Power-Pak C.E. by Postgraduate Healthcare Education (PHE), are continuing education courses that are offered for professionals in the healthcare industry and cover a wide range of subject matter. * CE curriculum - The Power-Pack curriculum for pharmacy technician continuing education includes diabetes, regulatory changes related to emergency contraception, common cold and influenza treatment, patient counseling and electronic prescribing. In order to get a passing score, your final course exam needs to attain a score of 70% to receive credits that apply to your continuing education. * CE Program fees - Power-Pak offers a no-cost registration and you can access the continuing education courses, once you are registered. NPTA or National Pharmacy Technician Association * History - The National Pharmacy Technician Association (NPTA) is a widely recognized name in the pharmaceutical field because the non-profit organization is the world's largest association of pharmacy technicians and you will hardly find any of pharmacy technicians in field that aren't familiar with the NPTA. * CE curriculum - The ACPE-accredited continuing education courses offered by NPTA are Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) approved for continuing education credits. The 1 to 2 hour modules cover a wide range of educational needs for pharmacy technicians to apply in their workplace. * CE Program fees - Non-members will incur fees of $7-$10, but the online continuing education courses are offered free for members. Baxter Pharmaceutical Company * History - Baxter has been an industry leader in the renal, bioscience and medication delivery areas as an active private company, since it entered the healthcare industry, in 1931. * CE curriculums - Healthstream LLC, a sub-contracted training company that is an industry leader in its own right, administers the continuing education programs offered by Baxter. Hemophilia, pain management, nutrition, renal treatment, immune therapy, albumin therapy and medication delivery are some curriculum areas covered in the CE modules. * CE Program fees - The continuing education courses are offered at no-cost by Baxter. Tech Lectures Courses * History - Since 1996, pharmacy technicians have taken advantage of the CE courses that are offered by Tech Lectures. * CE curriculums - Tech Lecture offers 27 CE courses for pharmacy technicians that are approved by the major certification organizations. The continuing education package of 20 to 21 hours is processed by mail. * CE Program fees - The cost is $42 for the 20 hour continuing education packet and shipping and handling is approximately $8. Pharmacists News Magazine-Drug Topics * History - Many pharmacy technicians may already be familiar with the monthly news magazine because Drug Topics covers the trends that are emerging, issues that affect pharmacists in the legal and regulatory realms and the impact that new products and technology have on the pharmacist. * CE curriculums - Drug Topics includes discussions on new drugs, advances in HIV/AIDS treatment and ethical concerns for the pharmacist, as part of the continuing education courses for pharmacy technicians, similar to magazine topics they offer. * CE Program fees - You can purchase 12 lessons for $54 or purchase individual continuing education lessons for $6 each. US Pharmacist By Jobson Publishing * History - Jobson Publishing owns The US Pharmacist, which is a monthly journal for pharmacy technicians where emerging trends in pharmaceutical are discussed in a forum. * CE curriculums - US Pharmacist continuing education curriculum covers prevention of cardiovascular disease prevention through diet, menopause, ovarian cancer and prescription drug abuse. * CE Program fees - For $6.50, you receive 2 continuing education credits in each module. Pharmacy Times By Intellisphere, LLC * History - Pharmacy Times is one of the largest magazines in the pharmaceutical industry, with a target audience of more than 160,000. It is managed by Intellisphere, LLC. * CE curriculums -Ethics, drug information, medicine safety and subjects that have an impact on the pharmaceutical industry are part of the continuing education curriculums. * CE Program fees - There are no fees for the courses. When it comes to continuing education for pharmacy technicians, there are many different curriculums to choose from to get your continuing education credits. The primary concern is to get all of the information you need to practice current practical skills and keep up with emerging trends and the knowledge you need to know. The continuing education credits are a means to ensure you maintain your certification and that you are the most up-to-date in the pharmaceutical field, but the ultimate goal is that you learn information that you can put into practice. Find out more information on a pharmacy technician career by visiting
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