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Client's VR Arcade in Dongguan City Opened to Public Today

Client's VR Arcade in Dongguan City Opened to Public Today


Xuan Jing Digital is a customer-oriented company. By far, it has help build over 1800+ arcades in China.

On September 20th, our client's VR arcade shop in Dongguan city opened to public.

VR's mistery and technolgy are always charming to people.

On the opening day, many players went to experience the VR game machines.

Players are trying the VR gatlin, VR horse riding simulator and the VR Skiiing.

VR Gatlin adopts real gatlin simulation technology and VR. People feel like really on the battlefield and the attractive gatlin appearance and gun barrel rotation create an good shooting game feeling.

VR Horse is a machine simulate the motion of the horse riding sports, with the VR headset on the head, player can see the views changing just like really riding a horse. What's more, players can also interactive with the games.

VR Skiing is a sports game. It combine the VR amusement of sports exercise. Player use the handcontroller to ski in the virtual world.

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