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Campus safety can't be ignored and VR earthquake simulation is indispensable!

Campus safety can't be ignored and VR earthquake simulation is indispensable!


The Dingjing Earthquake Museum aims to popularize earthquake knowledge, enhance the knowledge of earthquakes among the people, improve self-protection awareness, and improve the ability to respond to unexpected events such as earthquakes. It is refreshing to use some high-tech display methods to increase the knowledge, fun, participation and interaction of earthquake simulation. Because it integrates modern display means such as film and television technology and optoelectronic technology, the earthquake simulation has achieved a high starting point, a large scientific and technological content, and a rich era feature in displaying content and form.

Experience the real earthquake in the earthquake simulation museum to feel the power of nature, fear the earthquake, test the adolescents' tolerance in disasters, and finally achieve educational goals.

Virtual reality technology creates a three-dimensional simulated seismic environment, simulating various types of seismic waves, and users wearing VR glasses are immersed in the environment to experience earthquake scenes more realistically.

I believe that we have experienced campus life, and security incidents occur frequently. And our sense of self-protection is generally weak, which is why the campus is almost fierce in the event of an accident. Fortunately, in today's society, advances in technology have made this situation better. Virtual reality technology is increasingly indispensable in the application of campus security education.

 VR earthquake simulation can accurately simulate the precursor of earthquakes and the emergency treatment of sudden earthquakes, so that you will not panic. When an earthquake occurs, VR earthquake simulation can guide you to find the right place to safely avoid. Use small objects to protect yourself from escape and protect yourself from harm. In the process of avoiding obstacles and dangerous areas in the escape process, VR seismic simulation has a relatively complete guiding process, and can quickly escape to the safe area after listening to the voice guidance. The most critical is the aftershocks after the earthquake. It can be fully embodied in VR seismic simulation.

In addition, VR seismic simulation software can also be applied to many areas such as public safety protection, popular science education, emergency escape training, earthquake prevention and disaster reduction. With such a software, it is easy to feel the earthquake scene that can't be experienced normally, and you can truly understand and master the escape skills in the immersive experience. These are all texts that cannot be replaced by picture effects.

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