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Bunts Sangha established in 1927 is a socio-cultural

by:XuanJing     2020-06-19
Known for their hard work, enterprise skills, the Bunts Sangha since its inception is trying to promote and blend the traditional values with modernity. The Buntara Bhavana built in l980, from where the Bunts Sangha is operating now, stands on a plot of land donated by late Mr. H.T. Bhandari. The Buntara Bhavana Complex at Kurla (E) is now a hub of many activities. One of the primary objectives of Sangha was to promote education. Pioneers in starting the concept of Night Schools for working boys - the Sangha started two Free Night High Schools in Mumbai: namely Karnataka Free Night High School and Shri Nithyananda Free Night High School in Mumbai, in 1950. These Night Schools have churned out thousands of students and some of them turned out to be distinguished Industrialists, Bankers, Lawyers, Doctors, and Chartered Accountants etc. The concept of Night Schools, in fact, triggered social and educational progress of the society. In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for better and advanced education, the Sangha established the Bunts Sangha's S.M. Shetty High School and Junior College at Powai. The members of the Bunts Sangha have aptly realized the need and importance of higher education. The Sangha is also aware of difficulties faced by the lower and middle class families to get admissions in professional courses due to their prohibitive costs. Hence, the Sangha, in its Platinum jubilee celebrations in 2003 decided to establish a Higher Education Institutions for the needy citizens of Mumbai in general. The Sangha acknowledges the great help which came from all donors, especially from Mr. Manmohan Shetty. Mr. Annaya Sheny. Mr. Jayararn Shetty. Mr B.D. Shetty. Mr Shashikiran Shetty, Payyade family, Mr. Krishna Y. Shetty & many others. The project will enable the children of Bunt Community & Tulu / Kannada speaking people to get preference in admissions.
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