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Brief Of Xuanjing

Brief Of Xuanjing


Welcome to Xuan-Jing (Means Dazzling Land in Chinese) in Guang Zhou City, China!

Guang Zhou Xuan-Jing Digital Technology Co.,Ltd is a branded Hi-tech company in designing and manufacturing VR(Virtual Reality) experience equipment and 5D/7D/9D cinema system. It's well known for its delicate design and perfect quality. 

With vast experience and cutting edge technological capabilities, Xuan-Jing is a leading manufacturer and supplier for 8 years in making flight simulator, racing simulator, VR horse racing, VR shooting, VR platform and VR box, as well as 5D/7D/9D cinema system, whatever it is 3 DOF or 6 DOF, hydraulic or electric. our products are widely applied in VR experience halls, motion cinemas, 3D theaters, museums, attractions,, edutainment centers and theme parks, our customers spread worldwide.

Besides the amazing and valuable products, we also offer customization service according to customer individual real needs; we can be your firm partner in OEM & ODM business, during the whole process of value chain, including advanced R&D, fantastic design,  guaranteed production and on-time delivery. We promise great after-sales service and technical support.

Moreover, we are specialized in providing solutions on 5D/7D Cinema, VR Arcade and VR Population of Science(such as Typhoon, tornado, Hurricane, earthquake, volcano, and tsunami). Our solutions, as weapons for our customers, have been helping them win the market.

Xuan-Jing, your reliable business partner and best choice!

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