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Although there are many advantages of an online education

by:XuanJing     2020-07-24
If there are no time requirements, the opportunities to put off working on the material is even greater. You can literally go for weeks or months (or even years) without finishing the material to get credit for the course. You've paid for the opportunity to learn, but a lack of motivation is often the downfall of those who seek out online education. Another major disadvantage is the lack of interaction. You aren't in a classroom and don't have the opportunity to hear questions and discussion from other students. This isn't always an issue, depending on the subject of the online education course you are taking, but it could be an important factor in deciding whether an online education is the best option when seeking out opportunities for learning new skills or gaining new training. About The Author:Matt Norman is the founder of Easy Distance Learning a website providing information on learning online
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