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A computer helps to manipulate data according

by:XuanJing     2020-07-25
to a list of instructions, called a program. It can save a lot of data and produce the same, instantly. It is also called a universal information-processing machine. It is a common operating system used in corporate businesses, educational organizations and many research programs. The computer technology has been used proficiently in various educational fields. There are many professional courses that program their curriculum on computers. It enables the students and teachers to methodically study or conduct classes. Most schools highlight the importance of computer education. They provide computer education to children, at a very young age. It helps them to learn and develop interest in the basics of computers. The main purpose is to make them comfortable using the system, as the future holds a bright promise for the technology. Many students become proficient and plan to pursue careers in the world of computers .Computers are used in running school and college administrations, during the admission procedures, storing of official and student records. They are also used in syllabus planning and decision-making, controlling, assisting instructions and simulation. Computers are helpful in directing aptitude tests and achievement tests, at the time of entrance exams. There is computer software designed to process performances related to teachers and employees promotion avenues. They also process records of salaries, examinations, schemes of examination, printing of papers and question papers, evaluation of answer sheets, mark sheets and certificates. Computers are used in colleges, by the professors, to conduct special classes and enable their students to adopt a methodical way of study. Students take more interest in the documented programs, designed on different topics. Internet has provided a favorable means of pursuing courses from renowned universities, across the world. These facilities become available at a click of the mouse. Computers have become an integral part of education at levels primary or higher. Computers have enriched the learning process at various levels of education. At higher level, students of Engineering and Science can derive benefits from computers. By learning computer programs they can solve their problems with the aid of computers. Computers solve mathematical equations and other scientific problems very quickly. Besides, a part of education, schools, colleges and universities are using computers for various utilities viz. Computers have made the world a small place. Due to their speed, accuracy, memory and other characteristics, computers are used in all spheres of life. These machines are used on a large scale in Banking Sector, Railway Insurance Companies, Hospitals, Business Houses, Universities, Transportation, Engineering, Science etc. Let us study in details the effects and uses of computers in different areas. Computers are used in the various fields of medicines viz. Hospital Administration, Monitoring the patient's condition, diagnosis of a diseases, medical research, laboratories, experimentation etc. In the diagnosis of Cancer, Heart disease etc. computers play an important role and can monitor the patient's condition. Scanning instruments are attached to the patients and the attending doctor can notify the condition of the patient and start the right treatment. The computers can assist in prescribing the correct dosage after monitoring the disease. These machines can effectively control the blood pressure, heart beats, level of glucose in blood. In hospitals computers keep the records of indoor and outdoor patients. The computers are used in administration, preparing inventories of drugs, surgical equipments, bed allocation etc.
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